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We are able to MOT your vehicle too, meaning that we can offer you the full package. Our lead Mechanic is a fully qualified MOT tester.

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We know how important it is to our customers to keep their cars in good condition with a regular service. We don't offer a 'fixed price' service as there isn't really any such thing! Have you checked what you will actually receive in your fixed price service? Probably not all the things you think you are. Think about it, it can't be possible for a Vauxhall Corsa to use the same type and same amount of oil as a Porsche or a 4x4 and the same applies to many  other parts. Give us a call and we will give you an accurate quote with your registration and give your vehicle a quality service with the parts designed for your vehicle....not a gimmick price tag to get you through the door. This doesn't mean it will be expensive, ,merely tailored to your car.
We can provide you with a Small, Interim, Full or Major Service.
There is no harm in calling for a tailored quote and we are happy to tell you exactly what you will getwithin that  service.



We can discover what is wrong with your car by running diagnostics testing on it. This does not mean just hooking up a computer and it will tell the Mechanic what is wrong, that requires experience and expertise. We will discuss with you how far you want to investigate and go no further than agreed without your consent. You can use the diagnostic service as a stand alone service if you so wish, or we can do all repairs in our workshop....there is no hard sell.

We stand by our work with a guaranteed parts and labour warranty.